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Japan Police and Coast Guard Demoed Dolphin1 Lifebuoy Officially

A demonstration of the Dolphin 1 Remote Control Life-saving buoy was held in Matsuyama City, Japan. Dolphin1's Japan agent presents a brand high-tech way of life-saving on the sea. This is the very first-time official demonstration of Dolphin1 in Japan.

Local police and coast guard are the main attendees. Operated using a wireless controller, the Dolphin1 sail all the way into the sea and bring back one and two swimmers separately with high efficiency.

Leaders of the police and coast guard experienced the operation personally and approved its performance. One person said,” The operation was very easy and I can see the need for such equipment.”

Dolphin1 has already been deployed in more than 30+ countries around the world and we’re looking forward to see it serving in Japan soon.

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