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Dolphin 1 Facilitates Water Rescue Service for Public Safety in San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan, the capital city of Puerto Rico, has deployed its first set of Dolphin 1 Remote-controlled Lifebuoy since April 2023. The Dolphin 1 device belongs to the city's fire and rescue division and will be utilized for water rescue missions in urban water areas.

Dolphin 1, developed by OceanAlpha, is an innovative water emergency rescue product that has been widely adopted in over 30 countries worldwide since its launch in 2019, offering faster, more convenient, and safer assistance to rescue personnel in water rescue operations.

The operation of Dolphin 1 is straightforward, allowing both rescue professionals and passersby to quickly learn and adapt to its usage during emergency situations. Upon arriving at the rescue scene, they can swiftly deploy Dolphin 1 onto the water and control its movements using a remote controller to approach and retrieve the person in distress, ensuring their safe return to shore.

According to Juan Lucas Ramos Velázquez from San Juan's Municipal Office for Emergency Management and Disaster Administration, "Having more Dolphin 1 Lifebuoys would help us be much more effective in rescues, and wouldn't limit us as much to a particular individual."

Currently, the San Juan government is considering the procurement of additional Dolphin 1 water rescue robots further to safeguard the extensive water areas of the city. The integration of Dolphin 1 has significantly enhanced the city's water rescue capabilities, contributing to the safety and well-being of its residents and visitors alike.

Video Credit: Instagram - The Capital City of Puerto Rico, San Juan (Instagram - @sjciudadcapital / Youtube - @San Juan, Ciudad Capital

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