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Spain Red Cross Participated in Dolphin 1 Remote Control Lifebuoy Demonstration

Under the demonstration arrangement of OceanAlpha’s local partner MLC Consulting. The Guardamar de la Safor Red Cross participated in the Dolphin 1 Remote Control Life-saving buoy demonstration in Spain was held on the beach of Guardamar.

The head of the Red Cross, Gema Torrades, and the mayor of the municipality, Anabel Ferrer, on the beach of Guardamar de la Safor, accepted interviews from the media during the demo. “We are interested in all kinds of rescue that can help us to improve the quality of service,” said Torrades, who explained that, after the test.

The demo has attracted the large attention of the media including Europa Press, TVA and Tele Safor which filmed and reported the whole process by the seashore.

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