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Dolphin1 Demonstrated on the Blue Lake in Rio Claro, Brazil

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Time: February 1, 2023

Location: Blue Lake (Lago Azul), Rio Claro, Brazil

Device: Dolphin1 – Remote Control Life-saving Buoy

On February 1, 2023, OceanAlpha‘s distributor Aquasafe gave a demonstration of Dolphin 1 Remote-controlled Lifebuoy on the beautiful Blue Lake (Lago Azul) in Rio Claro, Brazil. The Secretariat for Economic Development of Rio Claro, through its Department of Technological Innovation, was present at the demonstration. Representatives from the Civil Defense and Councilor Moysés Marques also attended the event.

Journalists from the City Newspaper Jornal Cidade reported the demonstration and interviewed Luciano Luiz Murbach, the Chief Executive Officer of Aquasafe. “The remote-controlled lifebuoy has a name: Dolphin 1. It can go so far as to save a drowning victim, faster than any experienced swimmer, while the rescuer can operate it with a remote control staying safe and dry,” according to Luciano. He also showcased the convenient use of the remote controller for the life-saving buoy.

The Dolphin 1 life-saving water rescue robot was also used in a drowning simulation at Broa Dam in the municipality of Itirapina (SP), with the presence and participation of firefighters. It will also be presented to the Maritime Guard, Navy, and the High Command Corporation of the Fire Brigade in Rio de Janeiro (RJ).

When meeting a significant demand for protecting life, especially concerning risky situations at seas, beaches, offshore oil platforms, dams, lakes, rivers, dams, and large pools, or even in serious flood situations, technological innovation flexes its muscle. In addition to keeping the lifeguard from danger, the Dolphin 1 Water Rescue Device has much greater autonomy and efficiency than the human being, thus saving many more people in a shorter time.

Photo & Video Credit: Aquasafe

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