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BBC News: Dolphin 1, a New Way of Saving Lives

Reported by BBC News, Dolphin 1 Remote Control Lifebuoy has been launched on Brighton seafront which is a new way of rescuing Drowning lives.

The city’s beach patrol is using a battery powered remote controlled lifebuoy that propels itself to people in the water.

“Even in today’s choppy and windy conditions the Dolphin 1 can still go to the rescue, and in no time provides life-saving buoyancy to anyone in trouble.

Brighton Beach Patrol is the first in the UK to use the device, it’s been paid for by the local business.” Reported BBC News.

“We can deploy the Dolphin I into the sea without actually putting any of our rescuers in any danger. It’s going to increase the number of people we can save from drowning, and it provides a few vital moments before the emergency service get there.” Said Louise Roberts, a member of Brighton Beach Control.

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