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Dear clients, partners, and friends,

We sincerely invite you to join us for the OceanAlpha New Product Launch!

With 13-year rich experience in applying unmanned system technology to various industries and sectors, OceanAlpha and its self-developed Remote-controlled Lifebuoy, Dolphin 1, have supported rescuers from 31 countries across continents to accomplish their lifesaving missions more safely and efficiently than ever.

Now is the time to introduce the latest products from our expanding water rescue series. During the 30-minute virtual launch, we are keen to present the most innovative and cutting-edge water rescue products to you.

Water Rescue Series - Product Highlight:  



Robotic Lifebuoy Upgrade for

Smarter & More Precise Response


Toolkit for Everyone

Easy to Use



Unmanned System for

24 / 7 Safeguard


Robotic Lifebuoy Upgrade for

Smarter & More Precise Response

Water Rescue Series Product Launch:

12:30 - 13:00 UTC, Jan 17 TUE, 2023

Right after the launch event, OceanAlpha Online Distributor Conference follows. If you would love to become part of our global distribution network and get to know the distributor policy for the newly launched products, please pre-register here. Our sales representative will contact you shortly after we validate your info.

Online Distributor Conference:

13:15 - 13:45 UTC, Jan 17 TUE, 2023

Great things may be done by mass effort, to fulfill the global water lifesaving mission, we would like to invite more partners to power up the smart rescue future together.

We believe that “Many Hands Make Light Work.” Together, we can power up a brighter future where unmanned technology is widely used for water rescue, safeguarding individuals and our communities around the clock. Meanwhile, everyone can easily get involved in lifesaving missions with zero risk.

Looking forward to you joining us to realize the future we imagine.

Team OceanAlpha

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